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Palette line designed for palletizing cartons in furniture manufacture.
Line allow palletizing of products where a product is stored in two, or three separate boxes of different or the same size.
Boxes are at the output of the line stored on the pallet exactly by customer requirements.

Line composition

  • three depaletization departments with lifting platforms
  • driven roller conveyors for the transport boxes to offtake conveyor
  •  offtake conveyor
  • ABB robot with a mechanical gripper
  • Turntable with roller conveyors - pallet location
  • chain conveyors for handling empty pallets
  • swivel with roller conveyors and semi- stretch foil
  • offtake driven chain conveyors
  • protective fencing

Box dimensions

- length: 60 - 2200 mm
- width: 30 - 1000 mm

Type of pallet

- EUR paltet (800x1200 mm)
- IKEA pallet (800x2000 mm)


  • removal of hard human labor
  • quality deposit boxes on the pallet, thereby reducing risk of damage to the boxes during transport to the trade
  • Save labor (from 6 to 3 workers for change)
  • ROI 2 to 3 years