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The packing line with an industrial robot designed to palletize products becomes definitely part of every production.

The packing line that we are going introduce in the following lines is unique. Product type resolution is secured by a camera that is placed directly on the robot arm. Every product is recognized by a camera. The robot then selects the relevant pelletizing plan that is already pre-programmed.

The beginning of the packing line consists of a number of conveyors and conveyor lines. This conveyors create one roller conveyor line. By a curved conveyors are the boxes transported to a sealing machine. After closing and sealing boxes follow an actual palletizing process by ABB robots on two individual rails.

Robotic workstations

Couple of robot is equipped with a vacuum gripper with a pair of UNIGRIPPER suction cups. The versatility of the gripper allows to use the packing line for a wide range of palletized products. The products are transported to robotic workstations by two lines. Pallets with products can be delivered also from storage. This is another two input places for each robot.

Next to both robot`s rails are placed two pairs of roller conveyors and a magazine of empty Euro pallets. These conveyors are the buffer of empty pallets. The robots can place the products there for temporary storage.

The end of the packing line consists of a conveyors with modular belts, between which is inserted strapping and wrapping machine.  The pallets transported to the end of the line are taken by operators with a forklift. Conveyors from which can operators take or bring the pallets with products are equipped with safety protective barrier.

Working space of industrial robots on the rails is protected against inadvertent operator’s entrance by the protective safety fence. Protective optical barrier is placed on the outputs of the pallets from the robot workspace.

Why invest to the robotic workstation

The flexibility of robotic workstations is a solution for a wide range of industrial production. Industrial robots are useful wherever required constant repetition of dull or heavy activity. Everywhere there is an unfavourable environment for humans, under harsh conditions, heavy load handling, or processes requiring full precision.

In addition, that the robot will relieve you from strenuous work, using of industrial robots offers a range of approved advantages as:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase production capacity
  • Improving product quality
  • Increase product flexibility
  • Improving the quality of employees works
  • Saving space in production halls

As you can see, the benefits are enormous. From our perspective, we can provide solutions tailored to your needs. If you want to improve the production processes in your production, we will be glad to offer you the right solution.