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In October 2018, we have received an e-mail from Slovak Univerzity of Technology in Bratislava, asking us for spare parts to bild a Belt Conveyer. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering tended to open a new class room for the Students, where they were suppose to construct this conveyer them self with spare parts from different sources.

We know how much effort it takes to bild a new functional machine. That is why we have decided to support this great Toth, and we costume made and manufactured the Belt conveyer in our Factory in Automatica s. r. o.

Dear Students, we wish your loads of success and new Ideas for your Projects.

Bestr regards

Automatica s. r. o.

AUTOMATICA, Ltd. is the exclusive representative of Tepre Machine & Pac System AB, a Swedish manufacturer of vacuum grippers UniGripper .

UniGripper offers a wide range of standard vacuum grippers. These grippers are based on off-the-shelf components which means short lead times at the lowest price.

The packing line with an industrial robot designed to palletize products becomes definitely part of every production.

The packing line that we are going introduce in the following lines is unique. Product type resolution is secured by a camera that is placed directly on the robot arm. Every product is recognized by a camera. The robot then selects the relevant pelletizing plan that is already pre-programmed.

We wish you beautiful Christmas holidays full of happiness and well-being and New Year's love, joy and fulfilled wishes. Your AUTOMATICA.

November 10, 2015 our Company was awarded by Reliable Manufacturing Company for the year 2015. National Information Centre of the Slovak Republic, Inc. this result confirms the reliability evaluation system aimed at businesses operating in the Slovak Republic in the manufacturing sector. In the industrial production in the Slovak Republic is active 73,236 companies. Criteria to assess the economic health and good payment discipline upheld only 5.6% of businesses.