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The line is designed for collecting and palletizing bags filling in the workplace. It can be any of a variety of bulk material stored in bags.
Bags are palletizing compares itself to the optimum shape suitable for storage on pallet.

Line composition

  • Arc conveyor for transporting bags
  • Bags iron
  •  take off bags conveyor
  • Palletizing Robot ABB with shoe gripper
  • loading pallets place
  • protective fence with a optical barrier


  • Line capacity 200 bags / hour.
  • improved stability of the pile
  • steady stacking storage by the plan
  • saving labour
  • ROI 2 to 3 years
  • removal of hard human labour

Point of supply consists of a special roller conveyor. This conveyor rollers are of rectangular shape with a square cross-section.

For a best position of bags on pallet it is important bag aligment and ironing. Aligment conveyors by pressure aligment the bag, his is also reason of good aligmen stack on pallet.